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Moérie Mineral Shampoo, Conditioner & Hair Mask set

Moérie mineral shampoo & conditioner set

Quick Overview

Moérie Mineral Shampoo 250 ml.

From now on, let Moérie Mineral Shampoo take daily care of your hair. Regardless of your hair type, organic cleaning ingredients in our shampoo will gently clean your hair without causing dryness and will not irritate your scalp. Imbued with a pleasant, energy-boosting orange-extract fragrance, the sodium lactate, plant-derived glycerol and natural amino acids intensively hydrate hair and add a healthy sheen. With a complex of 77 fulvic minerals, plus 18 amino acids and vitamins, this shampoo has strong antioxidant effects that nurture, protect and improve both hair and scalp condition.

Moérie Mineral Conditioner 250 ml.

The special ingredients in Moérie Mineral Conditioner restore, nourish and hydrate your hair. The coconut and macadamia oils make hair soft and glossy; the conditioning substance facilitates combing, making hair silky while reducing static electricity while protecting hair colour. Fulvic minerals in the conditioner have an antioxidant effect and provide hair with 77 natural minerals, 18 amino acids and vitamins. They are known to improve the delivery of nutrients to each individual hair and restore skin pH.

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♥ No Silicons ♥ No Parabens ♥ No SLS
♥ Cruelty Free ♥ No Fragrances ♥ No GMO

 Noticeable increase in volume and length of hair
 Perfectly suits died hair
 Hair turned softer and easy to comb
 Conditioner hidrates hair well
 Long lasting
 Great natural scent





Moérie Mineral Shampoo

Aqua, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Coco-Glucoside, Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate, Sodium Lactate, Vegetable Glycerin, Aroma Natural (Orange), Behenamidopropyl Dimethylamine, Fulvic Acid, Betaine, Lactic Acid, Caffeine, L-arginine, Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate, Benzyl Alcohol.

Moérie Mineral Conditioner

Aqua, Cetyl Alcohol, Stearamidopropyl Dimethylamine, Cocos Nucifera Oil, Macadamia Ternifolia Seed Oil, Lactic Acid, Aroma Natural (Orange), Fulvic Acid, Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate, Benzyl Alcohol.

Reviews (178)

Kimberly Hill Approved member
My hair was very dry,
I have dry hair and after the first use the condition of my hair improved. Hair endings stopped from splitting and looks much healthier now.
Kathryn Washington Approved member
Right after washing my hair with this shampoo,
After washing my hair it looked dry, but when completely dry turns soft and doesnt look dry at all. Great shampoo.
Ann Howard Approved member
Great product.
Great product.
Nancy Green Approved member
Great shampoo and conditioner set.
Very impressed! Effective product, hair stays light and I could see the results right after the use.
Bonnie Foster Approved member
Superb shampoo, conditioner and hair
Amazing shampoo, conditioner and hair mask. I am very happy with the product, my hair is now easy to maintain.
Louise Cox Approved member
Didnt like the product.
Didnt like the product.
Gloria Bell Approved member
Great products.
Great products.
Jean Anderson Approved member
Moerie shampoo & conditioner & mask
Shampoo and hair mask worked very well for me, my hair is now shiny and soft. Conditioner is a little weak for my type of hair. Unfortunately delivery took longer than I have expected, but customer support is great and it was totally worth it.
Cynthia Martin Approved member
I am only using it for one moth, but the effect is already noticeable - hair got softer and easyer to brush out than before. Will definitely buy again!
Donna Garcia Approved member
After using hair got stronger, and
After using hair got stronger, and shiny.
Beverly Miller Approved member
Thank you, received it. Just very
Thank you, received it. Just my hair gets very dry after using the shampoo, but after the conditioner everything works great.
Catherine Ward Approved member
Didnt like the product.
Didnt like the product.
Janice Rivera Approved member
Met my expectations
Liked it very much, shampoo and conditioner both work great for my hair. Didn't make my hair heavy.
Carolyn Williams Approved member
Shampoo and conditioner
I have used it only few times, but after using it the hair and her owner is very happy :D
Amy Davis Approved member
Amazing products
I am very happy with the shampoo, conditioner and hair mask. Will buy in the future again :)
Susan Barnes Approved member
Goodbye damaged hair and hello
Goodbye damaged hair and hello healthy hair with Moerie products!
Ruth Bailey Approved member
Softness factory, super
Softness factory, super
Janet Diaz Approved member
Great products!
Great quality, effective products. Can recomend!
Judy Johnson Approved member
Liked it a lot!
Liked it a lot!
Mary Bryant Approved member
Amazing shampoo
Amazing products.
Martha Sanchez Approved member
Shampoo and conditioner
After first few times results did not disappoint - hair got soft, shiny and light. Quick delivery.
Lisa Lopez Approved member
Very good!
Very good!
Tina Jackson Approved member
I am using Moerie for some time now and I am very happy. Dry dyed hair regained it's shinynes and healthy looks. It is amazing that the product is made from natural ingredients. I recomend to give it a try!
Karen Wilson Approved member
Very good products!
Very good products!
Anna Taylor Approved member
Hair mask is great, just like shampoo
Hair mask is great just like the shampoo and conditioner :) my hair tends to split, but after using Moerie product I dont even have to straighten them anymore :)
Ruby Kelly Approved member
Sara Allen Approved member
Best find!
After using Moerie products I dont need anything extra for my split hair ends.
Norma King Approved member
My hair say thank you to Moerie! :)
My hair say thank you to Moerie! :)
Rose Turner Approved member
Moerie mineral shampoo & conditioner
My hair is average lenght, died bright color, soft and very puffy. I have tried this product twice, so I can only describe my first impression. Shampoo didnt work that great, but when used with conditioner effect was very different.
Joyce Reed Approved member
I have finally found the product
I have finally found the product that suits my hair ideally!
Marilyn Cooper Approved member
I like it very much. Will buy more.
Christine Smith Approved member
I like it, natural product, is
I like it, natural product, is usefull for hair and the whole body.
Alice Carter Approved member
Great product
Great product
Jane Cook Approved member
Great quality product! Support
Great quality product! Support was also great! The only reason I can not give you 5 stars is the issues with order delivery - I hope you can fix them in the future so that I can keep ordering more :)
Theresa Walker Approved member
Hair mask
This is a true discovery for curly hair :-) it has strenghtened my hair and it is even more shiny now. Only small amount of product was needed even for long straight hair, little goes a long way, orange smell is also pleasing and natural. I have ordered m
Evelyn Sanders Approved member
Great products! Will definitely buy
Great products! Will definitely buy again!
Lillian Alexander Approved member
Very surprised
I am very surprised that after using the product, even my hair tips are healthy and shiny! Hair looks amazing and the colour seems to shine. Thank you very much for such an amazing product!
Gloria Howard Approved member
A great discovery
I'm happy to find such an amazing shampoo and conditioner. I never believed that shampoo with balsam could so obviously improve the condition of my hair only after several weeks of use. It's natural, with no chemical additives. Until now I was disappointe
Julia Allen Approved member
I'm all set!
I bought a shampoo & conditioner set. I like the smell, the composition, washes well, but need more time to understand the effect. I'm still planning to buy a hair mask, because I tried a sample and I liked it.
Phyllis Bell Approved member
No. 1
Virginia Richardson Approved member
Ordered MOERIE products online and am very happy! Delivery was as advertized and included some little presents :) Shampoo didn't make my hair feel dry and the mask made my hair feel like never before !
Emily Alexander Approved member
Have been using it for a few days only, but so far, everything is as advertized - hair is soft and smooth. What's more, today I got a compiment about my hair :) So now - I LOVE IT :)
Irene Cook Approved member
Shampoo and conditioner
Even though I imagined the scent would be different somehow, still not disappointed! Hair is now soft and glowing.
Marie Davis Approved member
I have tried all of the products
I have tried all of their products. Loved em all. Hair now has lustre and softness. Loved the relaxing Spa. Definitely recommending to all my friends.
Dorothy Thompson Approved member
Have used for over a week
I have been using the products for over a week and can say that while the shampoo makes my hair feel dry, the conditioner is just SUPER. Hair feels soft and smooth, looks healthy and shiny..
Betty Brown Approved member
Great product
Not a disappointment!!!! Highly recommend !!!!!
Catherine Ross Approved member
Love the products !! And they are very long lasting !! :)
Louise Adams Approved member
Great shampoo - shiny hair
Doris Baker Approved member
Great product
I've ordered a third set already ! Love it !
Christine Cooper Approved member
It does miracles for sure :) keep up the good work. Waiting for a bigger package :) good luck ! :)
Annie Powell Approved member
Loved it. Didn't disappoint.
Patricia Walker Approved member
From what I've tried, definitely the best !! Even my blonde died hair became shiny and smooth. Super happy with the result, not to mention the hair of my kids !! Its a miracle shampoo for the whole family. I swear I haven't found anything better !!
Anna Robinson Approved member
Shampoo and conditioner
Shampoo and conditioner smell great, and I need only a tiny bit of both to wash my hair, so it will last long. Hair is now soft, smooth and easily brushed. Definitely a must have!
Norma Jones Approved member
Great smell and conditioner
Fantastic smell, perfect conditioning. Hair now soft and smooth.
Wanda Butler Approved member
Liked it
Liked it
Kelly Perry Approved member
My hair loved it
Janice Martin Approved member
Great products. Hair became soft and shiny. Must have.
Christina Price Approved member
Liked it
Just started using it, but my hair already looks better, feels softer and fluffier ! (Hair was damaged and dry due to cold).
Janet Sanchez Approved member
Like it
Seriously a great product. After using a few times I can already tell the difference. Hair feels softer and healthier. My hair became less oily so now I wash less often. Product is great, although quality of the bottle plastic could be improved.
Carolyn Perez Approved member
: grinning:
Theresa Anderson Approved member
I'm very pleased with the product, my hair is now perfect. I was initially reluctant to buy but the shampoo and conditioner are SUPER! I recommended to all my girlfriends. I will definitely buy all other products.
Marilyn Coleman Approved member
Tried a few times
I've only used it a fewl times, but my hair is already fluffy, refined and shiny.
Tammy Brooks Approved member
Thanks for fast delivery
Delivery was very fast and I was very suprised with the small present! I tried the conditioner, I really liked it! The hair mask I;'ve yet to try :)
Margaret Ramirez Approved member
Yesterday I used it for the first time: I really liked the smell, the feeling is pleasant :) I will let you know more after using I've used it for a longer time.
Melissa Bryant Approved member
Fast delivery. An unbelievable gift! THANK YOU! Nice package. The scent of shampoo is pleasant and natural, not synthetic. My hairy hair looks lighter and softer after using only once.
Brenda Taylor Approved member
Great packaging, wonderful scent, after washing my hair is fluffy, having "weight", but I just noticed that my hair has started to get greasier after one week, I hope this is just a reaction to a new hair care product.
Deborah Lee Approved member
Joyce Clark Approved member
Laura Long Approved member
Like like like !!!!
Ashley Gonzalez Approved member
Perfect ! Fulfills all my wishes! Thank you for existing ♡
Kathy Jenkins Approved member
Fast delivery
Thanks! Yesterday I ordered via the electronic store and already today I received the package – great!:)
Debra Miller Approved member
Highly recommended
I highly recommend !!!!!!
Lois Johnson Approved member
Very high level
Mineral hair products at a very high level. Thank you!
Martha Carter Approved member
Thank you!
Products were delivered a couple of days ago. I'm so glad it came so fast. Very pleased with the beautiful packaging, the attention to detail, and also a gift. I've been trying everything I ordered and all the products really surprised me. Thanks. I will
Judy Kelly Approved member
Excellent shampoo and conditioner
Excellent shampoo and conditioner. You need only a very small amount, so it is long lasting. My hair is now gentle, not had such soft hair for a long time (by the way, I dye my hair). I really recommend this
Judith Harris Approved member
Great product
The best combo, love the fragrance and the texture.
Andrea Phillips Approved member
Perfect discovery
Finally, I discovered the perfect product for my hair!
Bonnie Moore Approved member
Packaging and gifts
Wonderful! packed in gift wrap !! also got a gift! :) great !!!
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