Fulvic Minerals Concentrate

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  1. Improves energy levels.
  2. Improves sleep quality and overall concentration.
  3. Provides the body with all 77 trace minerals.
  4. Super-transports nutrients to cells.
  5. Breaks down heavy metals and chemicals by dissolving them into organic materials.

Unique formula contains 77 Minerals, 18 Amino Acids, 5 Vitamins, Keratin, Biotin & Caffeine 

We’ve combined naturally-occurring and growth-promoting fulvic acids with earthly minerals already proven to nurture strong, vibrant hair. The result is our unique hair-care formula that is soft and gentle on hair while still stimulating rapid growth.

Fulvic minerals are minerals infused with fulvic acids (not to be confused with folic acid).

Fulvic acids are naturally found chemicals created in minuscule amounts by millions of organic microbes as they work to breakdown plant matter. The most potent and active fulvic acids are pulled straight from rich, fertile, and loamy soil.

82% of Moerie customers experienced noticeable hair growth within 30 days