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Moérie mineral shampoo & conditioner set


Moérie Mineral Shampoo, Conditioner & Hair Mask set

Moérie Mineral Home Spa 80g

Quick Overview

It's time for a private SPA! Take a relaxing bath with Moérie Mineral Home Spa. Consisting of natural fulvic minerals and humic acids, the powder is readily water soluble, so you can immerse yourself in your private SPA within moments. A bath with Moérie Mineral Home Spa offers many benefits: improves blood circulation; relaxes; softens and beautifies skin; reduces stress; helps maintain joint flexibility and boosts energy. Just add 3 teaspoons to your bath water and lie back as Moérie Mineral Home Spa pampers you!

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Balneotherapy: Therapeutic baths help maintain good physical and mental health and have been used since ancient times. Today, therapeutic mud, mineral and peat baths as well as natural beauty treatments are offered at spas and wellness centres around the world. The main materials used in these procedures include Fulvic and Humic acids.

Moérie Mineral Home Spa with Fulvic and Humic acids

Moérie Mineral Home Spa is a completely natural product made from high-quality minerals and Humic acids found in nature. The powder is readily soluble in water and is so concenrated that it takes just 3 teaspoons to help you enjoy all the benefits of this magic therapy.

Effects on the body:

  • Softens and nourishes the body's largest organ – the skin
  • Promotes blood circulation
  • Increases resistance to diseases and boosts your immune system when you begin to feel the first symptoms of an illness
  • Reduces sensitivity and increases resistance to stress
  • Soothes sensitive muscles
  • Helps keep your joints flexible

  • For standard-size baths, you’ll need 3 generous teaspoons (7.5 g); 10 g for larger baths. Not recommend for use in water with chlorine. After adding Moérie Mineral Home Spa powder, the water will turn a light-tea colour.
  • Start with sessions lasting 7 to 8 minutes, then gradually increase the time up to 20 minutes per session. Do not exceed the specified time. Moérie Mineral Home Spa can have an intense effect, resulting in fatigue or headache if the recommended session time is exceeded.
  • In the first 3 weeks, we recommend taking up to 9 Moérie Mineral Home Spa baths, then repeating them 1-2 times a week.
  • To maximize the effect of Moérie Mineral Home Spa, rest after the bath, if possible. Ideally, rest for about 1 hour.
Moérie Mineral Home Spa is perfect after a long workday. Do not eat before the session, though a light snack is ok. If you enjoy a Moérie Mineral Home Spa bath immediately after eating, your blood will flow to the surface of your body (which is normal in a warm bath), rather than digesting the food.  

Warning: consult your doctor before use. If you experience weakness or dizziness during treatment, immediately discontinue the procedure.

Just a few steps to your own SPA:
  • Prepare a clean, soft towel and your favourite pyjamas in advance.
  • Make sure the bath is clean and does not contain any soap or shampoo residue.
  • It is important that you drink enough water during and after the procedure. We do not recommend drinking alcohol or caffeine-containing beverages as they remove water from the body. Instead, put a large glass of lukewarm water in the bathroom.
  • Draw a bath of warm water, ideally 40.5 ºC. If you find it difficult to stay in the hot bath, start with a lower temperature, gradually increasing the temperature as you progress.
  • If you wish, you can add bath salts or essential oils to the bath, but they must be of natural origin.
  • Never exceed the recommended 20 minutes.
  • Moérie Mineral Home Spa will increase your heart rate and promote sweating. It can take about an hour, so we recommend that you relax and lay in bed for that time.
  • After an hour, take a short, warm shower to rinse yourself off. Avoid using soap, shampoo or deodorant for the first 12 hours after Moérie Mineral Home Spa.

  Moérie Mineral Home Spa will not stain your towels. If you use the powder in a Jacuzzi, remove the filter beforehand so it doesn’t get clogged. The Moérie Mineral Home Spa's bath water is completely harmless to the environment, so you can safely drain it once you’re done. Or use as a fertilizer for your flowers and plants.

Storage: Store in a cool, dry, dark place. After each use, tightly close the container.

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Mary Watson Approved member
I have not tried the Home SPA yet, but I believe it will be as great as the shampoo and conditioner :)
Shirley Foster Approved member
Really great
Very good
Kathleen Turner Approved member
I became addicted to this product !! My skin is now so delicate, I feel great :)
Maria Morris Approved member
Black bath
Such an amazing experience !!
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