Moérie Mineral 3-in-1 For Longer and Thicker Hair

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Keratin, a key substance of hair, is responsible for its vitality, healthy look, glow and strength. Keratin enters the individual hair via a blood vessel inside the bulb (located at the base of the follicle).

Due to various factors, including air pollution, emotional and psychological stress or physical tension, these blood vessels can become constricted, thereby limiting the supply of keratin to the hair. The result can be thin, brittle hair, lacking in vitality.

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Fulvic minerals are natural minerals originally formed from rocks. These minerals transport nutrients, vitamins, amino acids more directly to the scalp, the individual hair bulb blood vessels and nerves.

They also promote hair renewal and boost keratin supply. Therefore, fulvic minerals cure, protect, and restore hair while ensuring optimum skin pH.

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Scientists and medical personnel worldwide increasingly recognize the exclusive and unique properties of fulvic minerals - including the ability to act as organic electrolytes, helping maintain the vitality of even the smallest cell.

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